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genre: elearning[/center]
this training series looks at the multiple tools within maya 2011 and an example of how to use them. Maya is a vast program that covers a great amount of workflows from 3d modeling to full blown animation, but it's the tools that bind you and your imagination to the program. This training helps new artists who have never used maya all the way up to the maya pros. Also included are some workflows that take you through the steps necessary to create a fully textured model within the software. So sit back and enjoy the one program everyone that has ever played video games wanted to learn.


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christmas with a capital c (2011) 1080p-bluray-x264 melite

christmas with a capital c (2011) 1080p-bluray-x264 melite
language: english | sub: english
1hr 21mn | 1080p bluray | mkv | 1920 x 1080 | x264 @ 9615 kbps | ac3 @ 448 kbps | 5. 50 gb
genre(s): family
imdb info

when successful attorney, mitch bright (daniel baldwin), returns home after more than 20 years to the small town of trapper falls, alaska he runs into his old high schools rivals: the reed brothers, dan (ted mcginley) and greg (brad stein). Dan is building a new platform for the town's traditional nativity scene, but he is the mayor of the town, the platform is being built with city money, and it's on city property.
to top things off: dan is even married to kristen (nancy stafford) the girl both dan and mitch liked in high school. The first thing mitch does is file a legal injunction against the nativity citing separation of church and state. The second thing he does is decide to run for mayor against his main rival dan; dan has been the mayor for years. Mitch accuses dan of forcing his christianity upon the entire town, then mitch goes on a rant about the arrogance and hypocrisy of all christians. Mitch has a way with people, and plans to bring more business to the town, and soon he begins swaying business owners all over town to abandon "merry christmas" for "happy holidays. " two sub plots involve dan and kristen's children. Their son, cody, is a skier in competition with a girl for the upcoming christmas race. Their young daughter, makayla, is excited to be the angel in the church christian pageant for the first time. After a judge comes to town to review the injunction and confirms they do not have a legal right to put the nativity on city property, dan and kristen have a meeting with their pastor and a few other people to decide what to do about the nativity. Kristen draws the attention away from the nativity and toward the real meaning of christmas. ... ..... .... 7 The pastor agrees, and between them the group decides to start acting like christians "with a capital c," and they begin reaching out to the community in practical and helpful ways. These actions create a different atmosphere that spreads throughout the town... Even, eventually, effecting mitch.


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standard deviants school : no brainers on interviewing

standard deviants school : no brainers on interviewing
english | 52mn 10s | 720 x 576 | avi xvid 1386 kbps | mp3 128 kbps | 531 mb
genre: elearning

if you are hunting for a new job, 2f8c you probably already know that solid interviewing skills are essential. The standard deviants will show you how to prepare for an interview through research and practice. You'll also learn about the different types of interviews, from meal-time interviews to panel interviews.

getting ready : program 1
make the most of your qualifications and stay cool as a cucumber with these guidelines for surviving job interviews. Featuring author bradley g. Richardson and marilyn goldman, president of a career consulting firm.

putting your best foot forward : program 2
do job interviews make you nervous? Are your interviewing skills a bit rusty? The standard deviants will help you beat the fear and snag the job you really want. They'll guide you through the interview process, from getting to the interview on time to accepting an offer.

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winzip, the original and one of the most popular compression utility for windows, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that quickly zips and unzips your files to conserve disk space and greatly reduce e-mail transmission time. Winzip is available as standard or pro. With the new winzip, you can quickly and securely zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. State-of-the-art file compression, strong aes encryption, compatibility with more compression formats, and new intuitive photo compression, make winzip the complete compression and archiving solution.
winzip is the most trusted way to work with compressed files. No other compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive and productivity-enhancing approach that has made winzip the gold standard for file-compression tools.

building on the favorite features of a worldwide base of several million users, winzip 12 adds new features for image compression and management, support for new compression methods, improved compression performance, support for additional archive formats, and more. Users can work faster, smarter, and safer.

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Index Medical ROmedic - Piata medicala online
         Bine ati venit la PsyClinic!

   Oferim, intr-un cadru suportiv si confidential, servicii de psihoterapie cognitiv-comportamentala si psihologie clinica, persoanelor care se confrunta cu dificultati emotionale, comportamentale sau de relationare, cuplurilor aflate in dificultate, sau parintilor care necesita evaluare sau indrumare specializata pentru o mai buna gestionare a comportamentelor problematice ale copiilor.
  PsyClinic reprezinta o echipa de psihologi, acreditati de Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania, cu formare in psihoterapie cognitiv-comportamentala, membri ai Asociatiei Romane de Terapie Comportamentala si Cognitiva.
  Terapia cognitiv-comportamentala este o interventie psihologica eficienta, de scurta durata, pentru majoritatea problemelor psiho-emotionale, intalnite atat la adulti cat si la copii: tulburari de anxietate. tulburari de dispozitie (depresie), tulburari de alimentatie (anorexie, bulimie), tulburari de somn, etc. Acest tip de psihoterapie este recomandat si persoanelor care doresc sa-si imbunatateasca unele abilitati, cum sunt gestionarea furiei, cresterea abilitatilor de comunicare sau a abilitatilor sociale.
  Psihoterapia cognitiv-comportamentala vizeaza atingerea unor obiective clare, bine stabilite de catre client si terapeut, si este o forma structurata de interventie, in care, in urma evaluarii, se stabileste un plan terapeutic. Acest lucru permite structurarea unor programe de tratament, care presupun parcurgerea unor etape pre-stabilite, ce urmeaza sa fie personalizate in functie de nevoile fiecarui client.
Atacuri de panica, ganduri obsesionale, stres, anxietate?
       Citeste brosura "Tulburarile de anxietate"