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   Oferim, intr-un cadru suportiv si confidential, servicii de psihoterapie cognitiv-comportamentala si psihologie clinica, persoanelor care se confrunta cu dificultati emotionale, comportamentale sau de relationare, cuplurilor aflate in dificultate, sau parintilor care necesita evaluare sau indrumare specializata pentru o mai buna gestionare a comportamentelor problematice ale copiilor.
  PsyClinic reprezinta o echipa de psihologi, acreditati de Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania, cu formare in psihoterapie cognitiv-comportamentala, membri ai Asociatiei Romane de Terapie Comportamentala si Cognitiva.
  Terapia cognitiv-comportamentala este o interventie psihologica eficienta, de scurta durata, pentru majoritatea problemelor psiho-emotionale, intalnite atat la adulti cat si la copii: tulburari de anxietate. tulburari de dispozitie (depresie), tulburari de alimentatie (anorexie, bulimie), tulburari de somn, etc. Acest tip de psihoterapie este recomandat si persoanelor care doresc sa-si imbunatateasca unele abilitati, cum sunt gestionarea furiei, cresterea abilitatilor de comunicare sau a abilitatilor sociale.
  Psihoterapia cognitiv-comportamentala vizeaza atingerea unor obiective clare, bine stabilite de catre client si terapeut, si este o forma structurata de interventie, in care, in urma evaluarii, se stabileste un plan terapeutic. Acest lucru permite structurarea unor programe de tratament, care presupun parcurgerea unor etape pre-stabilite, ce urmeaza sa fie personalizate in functie de nevoile fiecarui client.
the clinical documentation sourcebook: the complete paperwork resource for your mental health practi

the clinical documentation sourcebook: the complete paperwork resource for your mental health practice by donald e. Wiger
wiley | isbn: 0470527781 | 2010-02-02 | pdf | 336 pages | 12 mb

the paperwork required when providing mental health services continues to mount. Photo library for mac os x 10.4 Keeping records for managed care reimbursement, accreditation agencies, protection in the event of lawsuits, and to help streamline patient care in solo and group practices, inpatient facilities, and hospitals has become increasingly important. Now fully updated and revised, the fourth edition of the clinical documentation sourcebook provides you with a full range of forms, checklists, and clinical records essential for effectively and efficiently managing and protecting your pract 2335 ice.

the fourth edition offers:
- seventy-two ready-to-copy forms appropriate for use with a broad range of clients including children, couples, and families
- updated coverage for hipaa compliance, reflecting the latest the joint commission (tjc) and carf regulations
- a new chapter covering the most current format on screening information for referral sources
- increased coverage of clinical outcomes to support the latest advancements in evidence-based treatment

from intake to diagnosis and treatment through discharge and outcome assessment, the clinical documentation sourcebook, fourth edition offers sample forms for every stage of the treatment process. Greatly expanded from the third edition, the book now includes twenty-six fully completed forms illustrating the proper way to fill them out. Office 2010 64 bits aus

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balls out gary the tennis coach (2009) bdrip x264-dmz

kelbytraining - the nikon d7000

kelbytraining - the nikon d7000
language: english | h264 | 854 x 480 29. 917fps | mp3 128kbps | 2h 1min | 1. 07 gb
genre: elearning[/center]
anne cahill
kelby training instructor matt kloskowki sits down with annie cahill from nikon professional services and discusses the new nikon d7000 dslr. Matt and annie start the course with the basics of how to get the camera going right out of the box. They move on through the menus, buttons, and dials and on to the more advanced features like custom menu settings, shooting video, programming the on-camera flash, and much, much more. If you own a nikon d7000 or are thinking about purchasing one, this is a must-see course.


introduction (01:48)
out of the box (02:14)
buttons and dials, part1 (04:30)
buttons and dials, part2 (07:24)
buttons and dials, part3 (05:54)
buttons and dials, part4 (02:43)
playback menu (03:24)
shooting menu (11:57)
custom settings (10:01)
setup menu (07:45)
make changes to photos in camera (02:24)
programming favorites with my menu (03:23)
fundamental terminology (10:52)
working with lenses (02:39)
dynamic autofocus (11:16)
programming the flash (08:25)
shooting video in movie mode (09:38)
troubleshooting tips and hints (15:23)

total: 02:01:40


link download

from hotfile
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deus ex: human revolution (2011/multi7/repack from rg mechanics)

deus ex: human revolution
pc game | 2011 | eng/rus/ger/po/it/fr/spa | developer: eidos montreal and nixxes software | 5. 54 gb
genre: action (shooter) | rpg | 3d | 1st person | 3rd person

cult series returns deus ex! Again, you will find a dark, unforgettable world of the spirit of cyberpunk. Humanity at the crossroads of frozen and unable to take the final step on the path to the heights of development. Genetic modification, cybernetic implants and will give people the only chance for salvation... Or cause a general collapse. In the role of adam jensen, an elite security officer, you will be able to reveal the darkest secrets of this amazing universe.

global experiments over the flesh and mind, the nightmares of secret laboratories, lethal agents, and super-soldier - is someone lurking in the shadows, stealthily managing the development of civilization. Behind the nightmare world wars. Dull days ahead of despair. What can be sacrificed in the name of the main goal - the coming revolution of man? Can i download os x 10.6 online True change the world.


* a perfect mix of action and role-playing game
* destructive skills and abilities
* difficult decisions and their consequences

game version - 1. 1. 622. 0
do not cut / recoded
ability to select a combination of text and voice

publication type: repack
language: russian, english, german, polish, italian, french, spanish
sound language: russian, english
tablet: not required
size: 5,54 gb

system requirements:

> operating system: microsoft
photoshop styles and pattern

16 asl + 16 pat | 6. 30 mb

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